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XTT v6.0.3 Released

Now Supporting Eclipse Helios v3.6.1 Download a FREE version here!  -more-

Demo Apps

Try the demo to see what you are missing in your applications: XTT or  GWT XTender

InsiTech Accepted into IBM SOA Specialty

March 24: InsiTech™ is accepted into the IBM SOA specialty after completing IBM's rigorous SOA technical and business requirements.With this achievement InsiTech’s XTT™ integrates with the IBM software and strategy for SOA.     -more-

XTT Featured in JDJ

March 20: XTT™ featured in Richard Conway's article "KISS + Swing = RAD" in JDJ.      -more-

XTT At Work

“InsiTech's commitment to SOA provides their customers with a powerful way to reduce integration costs while rapidly deploying rich solutions that help solve customer challenges.”      -more-

Sandy Carter
Vice President, SOA and WebSphere,

IBM Software Group

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XTT Fast Start Offer

For a limited time, get 2 free hours of consulting time to get started with XTT™ -more-

IBM - ready for SOA Specialty
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XTender by InsiTech

A suite of agile and maintainable, universal AJAX or Java Swing clients for Enterprise, Web 2.0 and SOA

    GWT XTender

    Google Web Toolkit (GWT) XTender allows you to point and click to data bind your data object to any GUI Widget available in GWT, ie: GWT-EXT or MYGWT.

    • Point and click data binding to UI widgets with Eclipse wizard.
    • Data binding code generated is typically 1 or 2 lines.
    • All data changes can be tracked in the GWT client application (Supports change tracking for client side data.)
    • Automated "Save Changes" capability.
    • Provides a clear separation between data model and displayed data in visual controls.
    • Provides hooks for custom data validation and formatting of the data.
    • Consumes GWT RPC and REST/JSON style messages.
    • Provides flexibility of binding data from a feed (data source) to the GUI Widget of your choice without the need of rewriting any part of the application.

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    Java Swing XTender (XTT)

    XTT is a toolkit for developing thin Java Swing applications that are suitable for web deployment. XTT provides its own data binding APIs that allow it to connect to SOA (objects) and relational database (JDBC) data sources.

    • Development environment deeply integrated within Eclipse and NetBeans IDEs
    • Preconfigured project structure allow for quick start up.
    • Wizards streamline form development eliminating excessive hand coding
    • Deploys as Java Web Start, Applet or traditional desktop Java application.
    • J2EE deployment, as little as Tomcat is required.
    • Some out of the box features include:
      • Publish/Subscribe (Server Push) communication model
      • Data Pivots
      • Offline (not connected to the internet) running capability
      • Deeply integrated with: Web Services, Hibernate and JDBC
      • Build in CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) functionality

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